the gnome’s new home

ok…here we go with the new web presence for our adventures. the purpose of this post is to verify that i have sufficient knowledge about this wordpress application to make it work. so…there will be some words and a few photos. you readers with a bit of memory left will recognize the images from wayback past adventures.

the blog will have a new address at so you’ll want to bookmark this page to keep us with us.  i would expect that as i become more adept with the software (any helpful tips will be appreciated) the look here will change.  but, never fear the same thought provoking words as i relate our tales will be ever present.

so… stay tuned.  

right now i’m a bit overwhelmed with catching up on much needed maintenance and some changes here at the dude ranch.  i’m certain that i’ll loose my enthusiasm for that sort of stuff before long and the irresistible urge to hit the road will return.  i can tell you that the trip to alaska has been postponed.  my would be travel companions are going ahead without me.  it saddens me to know i’m missing that journey however, i’m afraid that is was too close behind that recent winter trip west.  an experienced vagabond knows his limits and i felt taking off for another multi month trip was not in the cards.  


i know, i’m rambling.  so i think i’ll bring this test to a close and see if i can figure out how to publish it.

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  1. Hey Pat! James Brown told me about your blog. I’ll read more, but enjoyed the Lake Thurmond pieceā€”is it really Sperm Thurmond? I’ve heard about some of your travels through Jakie and John Coles. My wife and I recently became the happy owners of a new-to-us Riverside Retro travel trailer (mdl.177SE). We’ve had it out a few times (only bought it a few weeks ago), but are planning an extended trip out to Santa Fe, NM in the Fall (we lived there for 20 years).

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